Hair Salon Website: What Makes A Hair Salon Website Successful?

Are you looking for a website for your Hair Salon? Do you need some help with understanding what separates the good hair salon websites from the GREAT ones?

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With millions of hair salon websites on the internet, how do you separate yourself from all the others? How can you rise above all the rest and shine like a diamond in the rough? Most importantly, how can you bring in new clients using your website?

How To Get Your Hair Salon´s Website The Exposure It Needs To Finally Start Bringing In Clients…

The #1 Priority of your hair salon´s website should be to bring in new clients. Period. Everything else comes secondary.

Imagine if you could have your website bring in an extra 5 to 7 clients per week, without you having to do anything.

Imagine waking up in the morning and seeing that at 1am, two new clients have made online appointments through your website for later today. You didn’t even have to lift a single finger to get them to make an appointment… Your website did all the work for you.

Believe it, it’s possible. You knew the internet was powerful but did you know it was powerful enough to generate new business for you automatically, without you even doing anything?

BUT LET’S BE REALISTIC HERE. Not every hair salon website will do this for you. In order for your website to bring in clients for you automatically, you need the right salon software powering your website.

Your Website Needs To Paint A Crystal Clear Image In Your Client´s Head Of The Unique Experience They´ll Receive At Your Hair Salon…

A huge mistake I see a lot of hair salon owner’s making is that they think a few photos and a paragraph of text is all they need for their website and magically, clients will start calling immediately. They couldn’t be any more wrong.

You need as many forms of media as possible to communicate to people “Hey, here’s what you get when you come to my salon. You’re going to love it so make an appointment today”.

There are 3 major forms of media that you can use:

  1. Videos
  2. Photos
  3. Text

Let’s go over each one:

1. Videos

Videos are the most powerful form of media to use on your website. If a photo is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a million. You can use video to show people what your salon looks like, where you’re located, customer testimonials or even client experience videos.

2. Photos

Photos can tell a story in less time than words ever can and since most people have a very short attention span, photos are a great way to show the experience of your salon in 5 seconds or less. Photos are crucial for showing people what your salon looks like, where you’re located, the products you carry as well as happy client’s before and after pictures.

3. Text

Text is the least communicative form of media but don’t think you can skip out on it! Text is crucial on your website for search engines like Google to rank your website. You can’t show up on the first page of Google with a website that’s filled with photos and videos only. Text is also the obvious choice for explaining the services you offer and important information like your location and business hours.

Dan Lok

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