Wish Someone Would Just Take Care Of All This Marketing “Stuff”
So You Can Stop Wasting Time And Get On With Your Business?

When you have a business you love, when you are passionate about what you do, learning how to market your salon online is just one more headache you don’t need…

You’ve got a website but where are all your clients? You know you should be doing Social Media but where to start? Do you need a Facebook page? …What about Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Blogging? Then there’s YouTube, video, SEO, link Building, and social bookmarking…

And what about all the online directories people keep saying say you should be in… Yelp, Google Maps, Google Places… Do you really even need all this stuff?

How on earth are you supposed to know what to do, let alone find the time to do all this stuff, run your salon AND have a life?

Our “Done-For-You” services can take the guesswork out of filling your appointment book.

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Hair Salon
For Hair Salons who offer cut, color, keratin, or extension services and offer hair products such as shampoo, conditioner and other products.

Nail Salon
For Nail Salons who offer acrylic or gel nails, nail art and products such as nail polish and other products.

Beauty Salon
For Beauty Salons who offer massage, skin health, and facial treatments as well as skin care products.

Tanning Salon
For Tanning Salons who offer UV or non-UV tanning services as well as other products such as tanning lotions, oils and more.

Barber Shop
For Barber Shops who offer men’s haircuts and beard trims/shaves as well as other products such as gel, shaving equipment or hair accessories.

Day Spa
For Day Spas who offer massage therapy, manicure and pedicure, and facial services and health and wellness products.

Grooming Salon
For Grooming Salons who offer bath, brush, and cutting services and offer products such as pet shampoos, shed-protectors, and nail and teeth cleaners.

Laser Skin Center
For Laser Skin Centers who offer laser hair removal, body contouring, or acne treatment and offer specialized skin care products.

Massage Clinics
For Massage Clinics who offer massages, RMT massages, or chiropractic services as well as health and wellness products.

Blow Dry Bar
For Blow Dry Bars who offer blow-outs and up-dos and offer products such as hair conditioner, hair brushes and more.

Eyebrow Bar
For Eyebrow Bars who offer brow shaping, brow waxing, bridal brows and offer products such as tweezers and brow accessories.

Lash Lounge
For Lash Lounges who offer lash extensions, lash refills or facial services as well as hair or waxing services.

Mobile Sites Are No Longer An Option.
Your Customers Are Demanding Them

Having a mobile version of your site
bring in clients who are on-the-go.

Is your website mobile friendly? Do you know the number of people who visit your site on their smartphones? If you don’t, this is very important: Mobile Sites are not an option. You absolutely need one to bring in clients on their smartphones.

Most smartphones have 3.5” or 4” screens (much smaller than computer screens) which is why you need a Mobile Site that is optimized specifically for them! This makes it as easy as possible for potential clients who are on-the-go to view your salon’s website and call you to make an appointment!

Click here to and request a complimentary call with one of our salon consultants.

There are over 101,400,000 smartphones in Canada & the US combined.

89% of smartphone users use their phones consistently throughout the day.

Middle aged women are the fastest growing demographic for smartphone usage.

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